Transport Complex for Transshipment of Mineral Fertilizers

Complex is designed for unloading the mineral fertilizers from the rail wagons (2), its accumulation, short-time storage and loading on the sea vessels. Complex includes a wagon unloading station (3), pier belt conveyor (6) together with a ship's loader for loading mineral fertilizers into the ship's holds, four arched warehouses (4) with the capacity of 13400 m3 each and belt conveyor system (5), with transfer group and distribution devices providing the operation of the complex (1 - railway).

Process pattern of complex operation allows to perform:
- transshipment of mineral fertilizers from the rail wagons (wagons for mineral materials or hopper cars) directly into the hold of a loaded ship using pier belt conveyor;
- transshipment of mineral fertilizers into each of the four warehouses, short-time storage and further transportation by means of the conveyor system, distribution devices, transfer group and pier belt conveyor into the hold of a loaded ship.


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