Mine Hoisting Equipment

  • alt Mine Cages

    Non-tilting mine cage for single-rope vertical hoisting is designed for transportation of personnel, mine cars (empty and loaded), as well as equipment and material in the vertical shafts.

  • alt Mine Skips

    Mine skips for transportation of ore in the vertical pits with single and double rope hoisting machines, counter-weights, conductors for skips and appropriate suspension gears.

  • alt Hoisting Pulleys

    Pulleys are designed to work in the mine lifting complex and provide support and direction of the steel ropes of one-rope hoisting plant.

  • alt Suspension Gears, Conductors

  • alt Winches

    The winch is designed to replace reinforcement and conductors in mine shafts, and for lifting and lowering of cargoes up to 3.5 tons.

  • alt Roller Guides

    Roller guides are designed to provide straight tripping of mine lifting vessel in vertical shafts with rigid armouring equipped with metal conductors box section.

  • alt Suspended hydraulic device for multi-rope mine hoisting installations

    The hydraulic suspension device is designed to connect the hoisting ropes of multi-rope hoisting installations to the mine hoisting vessels in the vertical shafts of the shafts and provides equalization of the tension of the hoisting ropes during operation.
    The number of branches included in the suspension device kit is equal to the number of hoisting ropes.

  • alt Automated Control Systems For Hoisting Facilities


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