Mine Cages

Non-tilting mine cage for single-rope vertical hoisting is designed for transportation of personnel, mine cars (empty and loaded), as well as equipment and material in the vertical shafts.

Main technical data
Cage 1NOV4-6,6 2NOV4-150
 Number of floors 1 2
 Load-lifting capacity, kN 66 150
 Number of persons for transportation, max. 28 56
 Dimensions of a conductor, mm 200х220 220х210
 Dimensions of the head rope, mm 43,5 43,5
 Overall dimensions, length x width x height, m 4х1,5х3,2 4х1,5х5,7
 Weight, kg 3720 7300
 Type of the mine car VD 3,3; VG 3,3  
 Dimensions of a conductor, mm 200х220 220х210


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